Update 06.03.2020
Current Name Holtenau
Call Sign DH6220
Operator Lotsbetriebsverein e.V. Aussenstelle Kiel, Laboe bei Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany
Manager Wasser- und Schifffahrtsdirektion Nord, Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Der Bundesminister für Verkehr, Bau- und Stadtentwicklung BMVBS, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Kiel
Type of Ship pilot boat
Completion 1994
Shipyard Aluminium Schiffswerft GmbH, Lübeck, Federal Republic of Germany
Building No. 189
GT 38
Overall Length [m] 12,87
Registered Breadth [m] 4,02
Maximum Draught [m] 1,00
Propulsion [KW] 144
Propulsion [BHP] 196
Speed [Kn] 10,8
Additional Information 3rd boat of a series of 3 identically constructed pilot boats, also see the sister boats >Schülp< and >Breiholz< - in 2016 the boat was reconstructed and renamed >Rüsterbergen<, also see there
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