Update 12.04.2015
Current Name Elltor
Ships Sign N-18-F
Call Sign LKHP
Manager Nusfjord AS, Nusfjord, Norway
Owner Nusfjord AS, Nusfjord, Norway
Flag Norway
Port of Registry Nusfjord
Type of Ship fishing vessel (cutter)
Completion 1961
GT 46
Overall Length [m] 18,16
Registered Breadth [m] 5,09
Propulsion [KW] 250
Propulsion [BHP] 340
Capacity Passengers 12
Additional Information Nusfjord & Co. took over operation of the vessel in 2006 in collaboration with the Foundation for the Preservation of Northern Norwegian Vessels and the Ships’ Museum in Gratangen. The ship is characteristical for fishing vessels of the 60’s. At the time the ship had lost its quota registration and was in danger of being destroyed, at the last minute, it received preservation status. Elltor belonged to the Flakstad region for decades with home port in Napp but delivered its catch to Nusfjord. In 2006 the former skipper, Kay Johansen, was committed in the restoration ot the ship. M/K "Elltor" now has it's homeport in Nusfjord.
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