Update 12.07.2019
Current Name Juelssand
Previous Name Ochtumer Sand (until ?)
Call Sign DF8314
Manager Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Hamburg, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Der Bundesminister für Verkehr WSV, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry WSA Hamburg
Type of Ship shore installation vessel
Completion 1983
Shipyard Hilgers AG, Rheinbrohl, Federal Republic of Germany
Building No. 442 565
Overall Length [m] 40,17
Registered Breadth [m] 9,14
Maximum Draught [m] 1,20
Propulsion [KW] 258
Propulsion [BHP] 351
Speed [Kn] 6,5
Capacity Grain [m3] 59
Additional Information belonging to the equipment authority: ABz2 Stade - equipped with 1 hydraulic excavator "ATLAS 1704HD"
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