Update 13.10.2021
Current Name Avatar
Previous Name Grietje Maria (until ?)
Manager Tall Ship AVATAR (Chartermaatschappij Hanzens - André Hanzens), Franeker, Netherlands
Owner André Hanzens, Franeker, Netherlands
Flag Netherlands
Port of Registry Harlingen
Type of Ship 2-mast topsail schooner
Completion 1941
Shipyard Schiffswerft Horn, Wolgast, German Empire "Third Empire"
Building No. 401
Overall Length [m] 34,50
Registered Breadth [m] 6,40
Maximum Draught [m] 2,80
Sail Area [m2] 310
Capacity Passengers 12
Additional Information besides others original German data from "http://www.tallship-fan.de/": 1941 built in Wolgast as a war fishing cutter [KFK] - after the end of the war brought to the Netherlands and in 1957 reconstruction of the hull, replacing of the wooden planking by steel, then used as fishing vessel on the North Sea, home ports including Ijmuiden and ship's names including >Grietje Maria< - then a few years used as a sport fishing boat - 1998 sold for the conversion to a charter ship for sailing guests, which initially failed - acquired by André Hanzens in 2010, conversion and rigging as a topsail schooner, commissioning in the charter business in 2014, christened >Avatar< on the occasion of the Tall Ships Race Harlingen 2014
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