Nige Wark

Update 10.11.2021
Current Name Nige Wark
Previous Name Coastal Explorer (until 2019), Warlock (until ?)
Call Sign DJWU2
Operator Amt für Strom- und Hafenbau, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Hamburg
Type of Ship island supply vessel
Completion 1994
Shipyard Scheepsbouw & Machinefabriek De Greuns B.V., Leeuwarden, Netherlands
GT 98
Overall Length [m] 25,14
Registered Breadth [m] 6,96
Maximum Draught [m] 0,90
Propulsion [KW] 350
Propulsion [BHP] 257
Speed [Kn] 8,0
Additional Information equipped with 1 hydraulic crane "Heila HLRM 25-3S" of a lifting capacity of 9.1 ts - since January 2017 in use as island supply vessel of the island "Neuwerk" which belongs to Hamburg (replaced the old >Nige Wark< in 2017, also see there)
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