Update 22.06.2022
Current Name Jane
Operator Museumshafen Kiel e.V., Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Family Dick, Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Kiel
Type of Ship shark cutter (gaff ketch), Danish seine cutter
Completion 1918
Shipyard Boerresens Boatyard, Vejle, Denmark
Overall Length [m] 18,30
Registered Breadth [m] 4,40
Maximum Draught [m] 2,20
Propulsion [KW] 110
Propulsion [BHP] 150
Sail Area [m2] 110
Additional Information the cutter was originally used in Denmark as fishery vessel, then rebuilt in 1994 for use as a leisure boat and 1995 sold to M. Dick, Kiel, Germany and got further restaurations at the shipyard "Ebbe Andersen", Marstal, Denmark and personally by the owner. Later on the vessel was transferred to Kiel. (German information from "http://www.tallship-fan.de" / "Museum harbour Kiel e.V." and translated). Since 2004 the vessel is part of the Museum harbour Kiel e.V..
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