De Albertha

Update 29.07.2017
Current Name De Albertha
Call Sign PCOK
Owner Seetjalk 'DE ALBERTHA' Natasja Groote, Lemmer, Netherlands
Flag Netherlands
Port of Registry Lemmer
Type of Ship Groninger Seetjalk
Completion 1891
Shipyard Scheepswerf E. Smit, Hoogezand, Netherlands
Overall Length [m] 33,00
Registered Breadth [m] 5,40
Maximum Draught [m] 1,10
Propulsion [KW] 137
Propulsion [BHP] 186
Sail Area [m2] 350
Capacity Passengers 24
Additional Information displacement: 86 ts - detailed history: "" (only in German language) - in use as a sailing cargo ship until the end of the second world war, afterwards no use until 1975, then rediscovered and elaborately restored and reconstructed
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