Santa Barbara Anna

Update 17.08.2018
Current Name Santa Barbara Anna
Previous Name Vanessa Ann (until 1994), [FD133] Vanessa Ann (until 1973), [LT254] Vanessa Ann (until 1957)
Call Sign DBRO
Operator Bramschot e. V., Rostock, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Joseph Maria (Joey) Kelly, Ruppichteroth, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Rostock
Type of Ship 3-mast topsail schooner
Completion 1951
Shipyard Richards Ironworks Ltd., Lowestoft, United Kingdom
GT 137
Overall Length [m] 43,25
Registered Breadth [m] 7,00
Maximum Draught [m] 3,80
Propulsion [KW] 353
Propulsion [BHP] 480
Sail Area [m2] 550
Capacity Passengers 40
Additional Information originally built as a deepsea trawler, was laid up in 1973 and then bought by Alan W. Smallwood, who wanted to convert the ship extensively. In 1977, however, he had to sell the ship due to illness. In 1984/85 the ship was converted into a 3-mast topsail schooner in Padstow (Cornwall). In 1993, the ship was purchased by Joseph Maria (Joey) Kelly and had renovated and rebuilt it for the large family. Since the family could rarely use the ship due to many commitments, the ship was operated by the Rostock club "Odin 1 e.V." from 2000 to 2013. Since 2014, the present operator has been taking care of the ship. - detailed history: see: "".
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