Jan Maat

Update 27.10.2019
Current Name Jan Maat
Call Sign DPVD
Operator Holger Wilken GmbH, Rostock, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Seebestattungsreederei 'JAN MAAT' GbR, Rostock, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Warnemünde
Type of Ship sea interment vessel
Completion 1947
Shipyard Farsund Treskipsbyggeri, Engøy, Farsund, Norway
Overall Length [m] 23,50
Registered Breadth [m] 6,20
Maximum Draught [m] 2,75
Propulsion [KW] 162
Propulsion [BHP] 220
Sail Area [m2] 156
Capacity Passengers 12
Additional Information GRT: 71, rigging: gaff ketch - The ship was used as an island supply vessel in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) area until 1988. In 1989 the vessel was transferred to Hamburg, in 2002 to Warnemuende, followed by a general overhaul.
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