Update 26.07.2015
Current Name Elbe
Previous Name Greenpeace (until 2002), Gondwana (1985), Maryland (until 1985), Elbe (until 1977)
Classification Society Lloyd's Register Fairplay
IMO 5100427
Call Sign PDWN
Manager Stichting Maritieme Collectie Rijnmond (SMCR), Rotterdam, Netherlands
Owner Stichting Maritieme Collectie Rijnmond (SMCR), Rotterdam, Netherlands
Flag Netherlands
Port of Registry Rotterdam
Type of Ship open sea and salvage tug
Completion 1959
Shipyard J. & K. Smit's Scheepswerven N.V., Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Building No. 867
GT 657
DWT [t] 271
Overall Length [m] 55,14
Registered Breadth [m] 10,88
Maximum Draught [m] 3,90
Propulsion [KW] 1.472
Propulsion [BHP] 2.000
Speed [Kn] 10,5
Capacity Passengers 80
Additional Information until 1985 the ship was used as seagoing tug. In 1985 the ship was bought by the GREENPEACE organization and rebuilt for their requirements and then used as action vessel until 2002. In 2002 the ship was acquired by the current owner and afterwards rebuilt to its status of 1959 as seagoing tug.
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