Update 09.06.2012
Current Name Patricia
Previous Name Patricia I (1982), Patricia (until 1982)
IMO 5271733
Call Sign SKOW
Manager Lady PATRICIA AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Owner Lady PATRICIA AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Flag Sweden
Port of Registry Stockholm
Type of Ship event ship
Completion 1938
Shipyard Smith's Dock Ltd. - South Bank, Middelsbrough, United Kingdom
Building No. 1033
Overall Length [m] 70,67
Registered Breadth [m] 10,94
Maximum Draught [m] 3,89
Propulsion [KW] 1.078
Propulsion [BHP] 1.466
Speed [Kn] 10,0
Additional Information once built as buoyage tender, in 1939 reconstructed into a military vessel. In WW II >Patricia< played a major role for the Brits during the evacuation of Dunkirk. In 1944 >Patricia< took part in the first line of ships during the D-Day landing at the Normandy. After the war >Patricia< was rebuilt into a private luxury yacht for the English Royals. During 1952 Queen Elisabeth used >Patricia< as her own private yacht. She lived onboard and entertained the worlds elite during the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. Since 1986 Patricia moors in Stockholm as a maritime entertainment center.
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