Gesine von Papenburg

Update 24.07.2011
Current Name Gesine von Papenburg
Call Sign DCLD
Manager Freundeskreis der „Gesine von Papenburg, e.V.“, Papenburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner Heimatverein Papenburg e.V. - Heimatmuseum -, Papenburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Federal Republic of Germany
Port of Registry Papenburg
Type of Ship Frisian smack
Completion 1985
Shipyard Jos. L. Meyer GmbH & Co., Papenburg, Federal Republic of Germany
Overall Length [m] 28,95
Registered Breadth [m] 5,40
Maximum Draught [m] 1,60
Propulsion [KW] 107
Propulsion [BHP] 146
Sail Area [m2] 293
Additional Information This Frisian smack is designed for inland waterways and mudlands with a main and a mizzen mast - ca. 2nd half of the 18th century. The "Gesine von Papenburg" was built by trainees at the "Jos. L. Meyer" shipyard in Papenburg, the drawings base on a model from the shipping museum of Groningen/NL. ( - online in German language -)
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