Update 26.08.2016
Current Name Dibo
Previous Name Gremko (until 2009), Mistral (until 2007), Revenu (until 2004), Albert Goedkoop (until 1986), Passim (until 1975), Johnny (until 1974), D 293 (until 1965), D 042 (until 1948)
ENI No. 02007427
Owner Fr. Wijckmans, Antwerp, Belgium
Flag Belgium
Port of Registry Antwerpen
Type of Ship pusher tug
Completion 1943
Shipyard Schiffswerft Josef Braun, Speyer, German Empire "Third Empire"
Overall Length [m] 22,80
Registered Breadth [m] 5,95
Maximum Draught [m] 2,20
Propulsion [KW] 746
Propulsion [BHP] 1.014
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