Lady Anne

Update 06.10.2014
Current Name Lady Anne
Previous Name Avanti (until 1994), Lady Anne (until 1972), Waalwijk (until 1963)
ENI No. 02007059
Call Sign PF4408
Operator The River Cruise Line, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Owner Captain Wido Arts, Massbommel, Netherlands
Flag Netherlands
Port of Registry Maasbommel
Type of Ship river cruise ship
Completion 1903
Shipyard Scheepswerf Boele & Zn, Slikkerveer, Niederlande
Building No. 487
Overall Length [m] 69,71
Registered Breadth [m] 8,41
Maximum Draught [m] 1,51
Propulsion [KW] 956
Propulsion [BHP] 1.300
Capacity Passengers 100
Additional Information In 1938 converted into a motor cargo ship at Bodewes, Millingen, NL. In 1963 converted from cargo ship.
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