Update 16.11.2022
Current Name Artemis
Previous Name Lister (until 1966), Emanuel (until 1948?), Pol II
Classification Society Bureau Veritas
IMO 5209699
Call Sign PFCB
Operator Tallship Company, Franeker, Netherlands
Manager Rederij Tallship 'ARTEMIS' B.V. - Tallship Company, Easterlittens, Netherlands
Owner Jan Bruinsma, Netherlands
Flag Netherlands
Port of Registry Franeker
Type of Ship barque
Completion 1926
Shipyard Nylands Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo, Norway
Building No. 281
GT 321
DWT [t] 457
Overall Length [m] 59,00
Registered Breadth [m] 7,00
Maximum Draught [m] 3,49
Propulsion [KW] 368
Propulsion [BHP] 500
Speed [Kn] 10,0
Sail Area [m2] 1.050
Capacity Passengers 120
Additional Information once a whaling ship, far into the 40s in service in the northern and southern polar seas and the Bering sea, equipped with a steam engine, port of registry was Oslo, Norway. The ship was lengthened in 1951. In 1998 bought by the brothers >Bruinsma< who reconstructed the ship into a barque for guests trips.
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