Update 11.10.2020
Current Name Gaastborg
Classification Society Bureau Veritas
IMO 9129122
Call Sign PJAV
Operator Wagenborg Shipping B.V., Delfzijl, Netherlands
Manager Waller, G., Hemmoor, Federal Republic of Germany
Owner MS 'ASTRID' W. Waller KG, Hemmoor, Federal Republic of Germany
Flag Netherlands Antilles
Port of Registry Willemstad
Type of Ship dry cargo ship
Completion 1996
Shipyard Bodewes Scheepswerf 'Volharding' Foxhol B.V., Foxhol, Netherlands
Building No. 325
GT 2.820
DWT [t] 4.200
Overall Length [m] 89,72
Registered Breadth [m] 13,60
Maximum Draught [m] 5,69
Propulsion [KW] 2.400
Propulsion [BHP] 3.263
Speed [Kn] 13,0
Capacity Containers [TEU] 261
Capacity Grain [m3] 5.628
Additional Information 4th ship of a series of identically constructed general cargo ships built by "Bodewes" shipyard group (15 vessels - 2nd version: 1 more superstructure deck, opened bridge wing), also see >Alta Mar<, (>Miramar<, >Celtic Spirit<), (>Giessenborg<, >Berkborg<), (>Risoluto<, >TransRisoluto<, >Multimar<), (>Unimar<, >Soniland<), (>Grachtborg<, >Lehmann Sound<, >Karion<), >Visurgis<, >Ultramar<, >Transmar<, >Solymar<, >Nemuna< and >Paramar<
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